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Fwd: FW: An issue that impacts Christians

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From: Mom
Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 11:44 AM
Subject: FW: An issue that impacts Christians

Be careful's a great example of someone of influence
that is going to be teaching our friends and our families about "GOD",
only she has nothing to back up what she says; no biblical,
theological, historical understanding...just her and some other guys
"opinion"! This woman has the power to be a source poisonous
information towards many...
Lord, help those who know you, draw near to you... and be ready to
reach out to those who are decieved.

Subject: FW: Re:An issue that impacts Christians
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 09:36:31 -0700

You have to see this. I always have known that this woman was whacked
and this surely proves it. God help the deceiver and the deceived of
this world.


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Sent: Thu 4/10/2008 8:26 AM
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Subject: FW: Re: An issue that impacts Christians

This is an email that came to me from the women's ministry director at
our previous church in K---ton. I felt this was worth passing on.
Oprah impacts so many people and the fact that she is causing so many
christian women to pause and consider their beliefs is concerning to
say the least. Not to mention all the people without Christ who are
searching and turning to her belief system. Please scroll down to
view the video. This is a reminder to me to expand my prayers beyond
my family/friends and community and be in prayer for our nation and
world at large.


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Subject: Re: An issue that impacts women
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:29:06 -0700

Thank You M---a for forwarding this on.

Oprah's church and 'theology' is disturbing to say the least.
Please also don't forget to listen to the video comments also
available in the link you attached.
They are written from a perspective that there is only ONE WAY.
It's a reminder that this search for a personal God is not new and
that God is still in control.

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Sent: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 12:49 pm
Subject: [An issue that impacts women

I don't usually post these kinds of messages but since it is mainly
women who watch Oprah, I thought this would be an important message to
pass on. It is a reminder that we need to be careful who and what we
listen to. So, please listen to the youtube video and share it with
other concerned Christians.

here is the link:

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